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Below we have many links to information on planned breedings, color information and links on genetics. 
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We will be trying Buffy with Zack's frozen semen again in  late 2010. 
We will be backing up the breeding with a natural to our fawn boy Jacob.
The litter will be DNA tested for parantage.

TTS Once More With Feeling
(CH Lamar's Sun of Dreamaker X Ginger Babycakes Crawford)
Buffy's Pedigree
Fawn Great Dane Buffy

CH Willow. . . .
She will be bred, we just have not decided when.  . .
Health tests will be compleated when she turns 2 and then we will start thinking about what we would like to do with her.
Fawn Great Dane Willow

Planed Blue Breedings
Planned Harlequin and Mantle Breedings
Planned Black Breeding's

What Colors do Great Danes come in?

Color Coat Genetics Articles and links


Breaking News in Color Coat Research